al • most
not quite; very nearly

ac • a • dem • ic
1. a member of an institution of learning.

1. a. of, relating to, or associated with an academy or school especially of higher learning. b. very learned but inexperienced in practical matters (academic thinkers, e.g.).
2. having no practical or useful significance.

al • most ac • a • dem • ic
1. me

1. nearly but not quite lacking practical significance
2. basically decided in outcome or all but settled

You get the idea.

I currently hold a lecturer position at Princeton where I teach academic writing and critical thinking. My Ph.D. is in philosophy, philosophy of mind and cognitive science more particularly, and my scholarly work concerns the intersection between philosophical theories about selves as thinkers and empirical work in psychology and neuroscience.

I’ve been struck over the years that I’ve been in and around academia just how wildly off people can be in their beliefs about academics. (Goodness knows I was when I started way back when.) I’ve also found it difficult to say anything useful about what academics’ lives are like, so I’ve launched this blog as a place to pin down what academics do all day. More or less.

Help is required. Comments and even guest posting (if it comes to that), are therefore encouraged.