I’m starting this blog as a space to work through some of my ideas about what an academic actually does and the difficulties of trying to make one’s way in academia. So there.

Interestingly, perhaps, I wondered for a while what would be an appropriate name for the blog and project, and “Almost Academic” seemed to fit as neatly as any. In looking to launch the blog, I first went to Blogger (primarily because of familiarity, I suppose), and found the domain name for almost academic already taken. Turns out that an overworked academic already homesteaded there, though she’s only managed to put up two posts in something like three years. Teaching nine classes plus finishing a dissertation might explain the sparse archives.

The fact that that blog exists—and is in the shape it’s in—speaks to what I’m going to be talking about here. Is what I’m saying.

And WordPress isn’t that bad: look at them with a theme that includes Very Old Books.